Study on the Method of Scientific Measurement of Sensitive Quality

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Fanghui Li, Ping Liu


Taking 67 college students as research subjects, this paper makes experimental research on reliability of several agility measurements which included in National Exercise Standard of Ordinary Multitude. By using the method of mathematical statistics, the repeatedly measured data was analyzed in one-way variance. The reliability of these measurements was calculated, and the degree of correlation between each measurement was discussed. The results are pointed out that the reliability coefficients of 5m side slide test and ‘8’ route changing direction run are relative higher(is 0.8721 and 0.9100 respectively), which show fine consistency of the repeated measurement of these two tests; however, the reliability coefficients of quadrant jump (r=0.8096) and left-right span test (r=.7644) are relative lower. The degree of correlative between these measurements is low, which explain that each measurement incarnate different aspect of agility.

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