TAM-Based Acceptance Model for Port Shore Power System

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Bo Gao, Yanshi Cao, Xinghua Hu, Xiaochuan Zhou


Shore power has become an important berthing way for sustainable shipping. The goal of this research is to determine the influencing factors of port shore power promotion. The technology acceptance model (TAM) was used to construct a theoretical model of shore-power acceptability. In theory, 4 independent criteria were discovered as contributing to actual usage of shore-power for shipping sustainability by influencing ports’ attitudes toward shore-power and their intention to use. A questionnaire based on the port enterprises in China was conducted, with over 500 people participating. Data were analyzed by MPLUS. The attitude and behavioral intention toward using shore power show the beneficial influence on the sustainable development of shore power in the future. The results show that subjective norms and perceived risk play a relatively important role among all related variables in TAM. This study contributes to popularizing the shore power technology by demonstrating how different variables affect the usage of shore power, and are highly significant for sustainable development of ports and shipping.

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