System Reform and Reconstruction of Rural Logistics under the Concept of Smart Circulation

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Zhou Yarong, Yuan Bing


For modern life, logistics is of great significance, is an indispensable component, and has a vital practical significance for the development and stability of different countries in the world. Affected by digitization, smart logistics is becoming the direction of transformation and development of logistics industry. Modern information technologies such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data have been deeply integrated with rural supply chain circulation, and gradually changed the main structure, circulation channels, circulation links and access to circulation information of rural supply chain circulation., Due to the further development of high and new technologies, such as the Internet and information technology, the modern logistics industry has derived a new form: intelligent logistics. The vast rural areas actively broaden the upward channels of agricultural products and sell local agricultural products to all parts of the country, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of rural economy and become an important basis for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy. Combined with the development of rural logistics industry chain, this paper will further describe the impact of smart logistics.

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